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McKenzie and Sue Anderson Nicklin

A journey always begins, I think, in the preparation.  For me, preparation for the new year began in October, when the vice president, Sue Anderson Nicklin, called me.  My first thought was that she was calling me to tell me that I didn’t get the position (but    miraculously    that wasn’t the case).

In November, Courtney Anderson Saylor, marketing assistant, emailed me to let me know that I was allowed to bring a guest with me on this trip.  I called my mom later that day to ask her if she’d be interested in going to New York with me    she cried.

And here we are.  It’s December; we’re days away from 2017.  In the morning, Mom and I will jump in the car and drive five and a half hours to Greenville, Pennsylvania to celebrate the beginning of another year with the lovely folks at Anderson Coach and Travel.  At 2:30 the next morning, we’ll board a motorcoach bound for New York City.

I know how cliché it sounds, but I’m still struggling to believe that this isn’t something of my imagination.  As I write this, I’m sitting in my recliner in Leesburg, Ohio.  In about a year from now, I’ll probably be in the same spot, but by then, my eyes will have seen so much more of our wonderful country; I will have met so many wonderful people.  Hopefully I will write things worth reading.

But tonight I will finish packing my things.  Tomorrow I will introduce my mother to the wonderful people I’ve met through this fantastic opportunity.  The day after, I will be sightseeing in New York City.

It’s not the road less traveled—it’s how you take the road.


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I've been writing stories since I was 5. My first book was "Turtle Salad"--I wrote and illustrated it. I was horrified because Sally the Turtle ate a fish.

When I was 8, I wrote to JK Rowling to offer some ideas for the Harry Potter series. Her assistant wrote me back, saying that Rowling only hopes to inspire young readers, not to take their ideas. While I totally understand now, I was pissed then. I vowed to become a better writer than JK Rowling. I've been working toward it ever since.

Now, I'm a 21-year-old sometimes-poet studying writing and French at the University of Mount Union. My work has appeared in the University of Mount Union's Agora and Calliope, Hiram College's Echo, the University of Miami's Mangrove, the Lala, Popular Culture Studies Journal, and the Cleveland Magazine.

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  1. By any chance, were you/ are you passing thru Grayling, Michigan? I just happened to run into town to pick up a pizza and lo behold I merged my way between a black bus and a white bus bearing the logo “”. So I am wondering “who is anderson?” Got home, Googled it and read about your adventure. How fun!


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