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The Road Most Traveled

img_0345When traveling, it’s best to keep in mind that you’re not always going to be able to cross everything off your list.  During this trip, this meant that Mom and I were sitting in a Panera instead of one of the best vegan restaurants in New York City.

We both were a little worn out by the time we reached Union Square, so we decided to stop trekking through Manhattan for just long enough to enjoy sandwiches, soup, and a Danish (the second of the day).  Our phones were as drained as we were, but it’s exceedingly difficult to find an outlet in New York.  The only one that we saw in Panera was underneath an occupied table.

It took twenty minutes for us to claim that table.  I know I don’t need to explain the horror of watching an electronic device you’re relying on slowly waste away.

img_0284Once we had our phones plugged in, Mom and I began to relax.  We chatted about the trip–the people and places we’d seen, where we were heading to next, New York in general–for a little while, then settled back into our own sides of the booth and let our eyes half-close.  Mom updated family members back home on our progress, and I jotted down some notes in my notebook.

“Plasticities,” by Andrew Bird played overhead, and the college kids murmured to one another around us.  There was a television on somewhere, but it blended with the background noise.

I leaned back from the notebook and looked around.  Twenty minutes passed, and people came and went, slid in and out of the booths in the main dining area and dropped their trash into the garbage before sauntering back out into the lights of New York City.

How else can you appreciate the road less traveled when you come upon it?

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I've been writing stories since I was 5. My first book was "Turtle Salad"--I wrote and illustrated it. I was horrified because Sally the Turtle ate a fish.

When I was 8, I wrote to JK Rowling to offer some ideas for the Harry Potter series. Her assistant wrote me back, saying that Rowling only hopes to inspire young readers, not to take their ideas. While I totally understand now, I was pissed then. I vowed to become a better writer than JK Rowling. I've been working toward it ever since.

Now, I'm a 21-year-old sometimes-poet studying writing and French at the University of Mount Union. My work has appeared in the University of Mount Union's Agora and Calliope, Hiram College's Echo, the University of Miami's Mangrove, the Lala, Popular Culture Studies Journal, and the Cleveland Magazine.

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