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Birthday Bash shows, by Sue

We heard from our owner Sue Anderson Nicklin again from the road! Sounds like they had an action-packed Wednesday in Branson. 


Here’s what Sue had to say:

Busy fun day filled with amazing entertainment at three shows! Branson gets hospitality and creating happy smiles!

Started with another bountiful and delicious Country Buffet breakfast.

A special VIP perk had a Dublin Irish Tenor or a Celtic Lady ride on each coach with us to the theater! What an upbeat, classy way to start our kick off for Show #1, which was diverse and excellent.

Show #2 was the truly awesome Hughes Brothers theatre with a cast of 45 talented family members! The Hughes family opens their hearts to their audience and their talent is amazing!

Show # 3 – Clay Cooper Theatre show was truly heart-warming great entertainment. Clay loved our guests and interacted with Larry & Phyllis especially from our group, ensuring laughter throughout the wonderful show. All the Cooper family – his wife and 2 boys and cast – performed with great talent so pleasurable to the ears. The salute to our veterans and the love of family and country was embraced by all the audience, as were repeated themes in all our shows.

Then it was our Anderson party celebration time at the Clay Cooper Theatre!

I tried to convey our sincere gratitude to all our great travelers! Our 80 years would never be possible without their support!

Our talented staff were then recognized by Nick & myself: Kim Buckley, Phil Polkabla, Tom McGlynn, Shirley Harco, Rick Rossi, Mary Louise Shaffer, Joe Aversa, Carol DeCamp, Paul Sankey, Martie Campbell, Dan Chornenky, Linda Multari, Nathan Book, Marie Nosker, Joe Robinson, Ruthann Theil, George Dolan, Susan Dolan, and VIP Retiree Ron Cooper.

We also welcomed retirees that came to celebrate with us.

Our recognitions were followed by a grand finale of hundreds of balloons dropped from the ceiling!

A fun day indeed!

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Anderson Coach & Travel has been providing Superior Travel Experiences since 1937. In celebration of our 80th Anniversary, college student McKenzie Caldwell will be traveling with Anderson. McKenzie, our tour directors and guests will share their stories from on the road here!

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