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Mackinac Island and Agawa Canyon

Our tour director Carol just got back from a fabulous trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan and Agawa Canyon in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. 

Here’s what Carol had to say and some of the photos she took:


Day 1


Weather was beautiful and our ride to Mackinaw seemed to go by very fast.


Arrived at Baymont Inn which is a great hotel and in a wonderful location. Located close to restaurants and fun shopping. (Also great fudge shops). Everyone on own for dinner with several choices of restaurants. Great day as passengers got acquainted very fast -lots of laughing.


Day 2

Up early and over the Mackinaw bridge heading for Canada for the Agawa Canyon train ride. We all got settled in on the train and we were called to the dining room. Breakfast and lunch were included on train.  Lots of laughs trying to walk while the train was moving. A stop at the beautiful Agawa Canyon and were able to get off train walk to the falls or a few other trails. Weather was so beautiful. Lunch served short while after we got moving on the train again.

Nice relaxing ride back to depot. Off train – through customs then stopping at a neat restaurant called Franks. Meal were very good. Lots of choices. End of great day.

Day 3

Everyone waited for this day to get on ferry to Mackinaw Island. Ferry located just the other end of town. First carriage ride is through town up past the Grand Hotel to Surrey hill. Surry has coffee and great donuts you can purchase (which many did) and a gift shop. Anderson was announced and we were off on another carriage through the state park and a stop at a beautiful overlook for some great pictures.

DSCN2104Lunch at the Grand was a highlight of our day as it was the greatest buffet and beautiful dining room. The buffet had three different meats plus salmon and a wonderful salad bar that included everything you could want in a meal. There was shrimp cocktail and a dessert table that looks better than any cruise ship, The dining room is bright and beautiful and service is first class, which makes you feel first class.

We were able to tour around the hotel and the grounds which was the most awsome place. Busy cameras that day. Time to shop in the greatest shops and tour around the town before we caught a ferry back to Mackinaw City. Everyone tired and seemed very happy with the entire day.

Day 4

On our way home with lots to talk about. Love this beautiful trip.

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