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More from the Badlands

More from our tour director Marie, who’s on the road with our Faces of South Dakota Showcase Vacation:

Today we stopped at Badlands National Park to view beautiful stone vistas. A little rain was barely felt as we gazed at awesome beauty. Then on to Wall Drug. Where most of us enjoyed there five cent coffee and delicious homemade donuts.

post wall drug

post fog IMG_20171003_072231653_HDRTuesday we awoke to fog. The resort was still beautiful. We spent the morning at the Journey Museum, the best place to start post journey museumIMG_20171003_102151983_HDRexploring the Black Hills of South Dakota. Next we went to a gold factory and had a tour of their plant which ended in many purchases of their gold jewelry in their outlet store. Sherri, our tour guide from the area, showed us around Rapid City. One stop was the Norwegian Stavkirk Church. We ended our night back at the resort with our celebration dinner. Wonderful day!

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Anderson Coach & Travel has been providing Superior Travel Experiences since 1937. In celebration of our 80th Anniversary, college student McKenzie Caldwell will be traveling with Anderson. McKenzie, our tour directors and guests will share their stories from on the road here!

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