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Viva Las Vegas

Our tour director Marie had a terrific time in Las Vegas with our guests earlier this month! She sent a few photos and details. We’re going again in January, when it won’t be quite so hot. Get on board!

  • Got to hot, hot, hot Las Vegas this morning.  The hIMG_20180708_184252023_HDRighest temperature I saw was 108.  Excalibur Resort was intriguing.  Lots to do and see.  Needless to say, most of us stayed indoors at the casinos or shows or went to the pools.  They were kept cool and therefore were very refreshing.
  • Today was hotter than yesterday. In fact I’m writing this at 10:30 at night and it’s still 102 degrees.  But the heat didn’t stop us from having a great time today.  First we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower this morning.  Because of the heat it was hazy and we couldn’t see that far, but it was still a wonderful view of the Strip.  Then we went to the Mirage Casino and walked

    through their dolphin pools and then the lion garden.  It was hot so all the Lions were sleeping but it was still neat to see the white tigers.  This evening we went to see “The Return of the Rat Pack.”. The Frank Sinatra impersonator’s voice was spot on, but as you can see in the picture, the Dean Martin impersonator looked just like the real man.  It was a full day. IMG_20180709_204422140

  • Seems like all our guests are keeping busy.  Some are going on tours of the Grand Canyon, Boulder Dam, and Red Rock Canyon.  Others are enjoying the beautiful  pools by day and enjoying a show at night.  Yesterday I went to old town on Freemont Street.   Saw several old Vegas signs on the pedestrian walkway along with zip liners above our heads. Then we went to the Mob Museum.  Fascinating.  Finally, last evening we took a ride on the High Roller–a type of ferris wheel– that went 540 feet above the strip.  Awesome.  Another guy day in Las Vegas.



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Anderson Coach & Travel has been providing Superior Travel Experiences since 1937. In celebration of our 80th Anniversary, college student McKenzie Caldwell will be traveling with Anderson. McKenzie, our tour directors and guests will share their stories from on the road here!

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